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I’ve been inspired recently to make some changes on my blog. You won’t see a major overhaul, but just a few more things to make it more interesting. I recently purchased a new super-duper camera which I plan to start using to make some extra cash (more on that later). I also want to encourage more of you to write comments. It is literally the highlight of my day when I get a comment on a blog post. The problem is that I haven’t figured out how to respond to your comments in a way in which the response is linked to your comment (working on this). I’ve also had the urge to start writing a little more (and not just post photography). My blog has always been a bit of a hodge-podge of topics – can’t promise this will change because that’s just where I’m at right now.:)

One of the things I’ve added are small ads at the bottom of my site for some of the organizations I love and support. Each time I add one, I’ll write about why I love and support that organization.

The first is an organization I’ve been supporting for several years. Its called Compassion International. Compassion is an organization in which you sponsor a child for $39 per month. I know a lot of ”sponsor a child” orgs get a bad wrap (for good reason in some cases), but I had the opportunity to visit the child I sponsor in 2011 while I was in Ethiopia for a work conference. I wrote a blog post about Fikadu and the day we met. I was so impressed by all of the staff who helped me organize the trip and the staff I met at the church and school where Fikadu is attached.

As a non-profit professional, I’m the first to criticize how non-profits are managed. I’ve often struggled with tithing and donating to causes/organizations, but I believe that if you are giving from the heart, God will honor that intention even if the money does not reach the beneficiary.

I’ve been thinking about this recently because I attended a wedding last month for one of my closest friends. My friend’s mom, other family members, and friends of the family (many whom I had never met in person before) came up to me to tell me how they started sponsoring a child after learning about my experience and how blessed they had been. I felt so much joy hearing those words. While I do believe in the mission of Compassion International, more than anything, I believe in giving back to God what he has entrusted and given to me.

Stay tuned for what’s next …..

MJ - 7 November 2014 - 8:08 am

Thanks, Mom. I think my idea for sponsoring a child came from Granddad also. I remember how fondly he spoke of watching his “child” grow up. I also love the elephant orphanage (as you know) … another organization I love and support … perhaps that will be one of my next ads at the bottom of my blog. :) Love and miss you.

Sandi Cassidy - 7 November 2014 - 8:05 am

I just have to tell you how much this all means to me. Seeing and hearing you in your blog brings me closer to you through all the miles of distance. We too sponsor a child through the Christian Childrens Fund… hoping it’s responsible. Mostly because your Grandfather got us engaged as he believes in that organization. I believe they sponsor two children at all times. We simaltaneously also sponsor a baby elephant and assisted in helping one of our grandchildren be an elephant sponsor. That was your doing!! We’re also considering donating to the most efficient and actually “uses the money for thier mission” organization for helping abused animals. I have some referrals and I’m investigating. I Love you, Mom

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