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Christ follower.  Daughter.  Sister.  Aunt.  Friend.  Colleague.  International Development Professional.  Web Developer.  Blogger.  World Traveler.  Invester.  Passionate.  Adventurous.  Humanitarian.  Idealist.  Photographer.  ESFJ.  Taurus.  Try anything once.  Planner.  OCD tendencies.  Organized.  Thrill seeker.  Results oriented.  Adaptable.  Blue eyes.  Family.  Wants children.  Prefers the ad side of a tennis court.  Likes receiving (and sending) postcards and photo cards.  Daydreams of being outside.  Windows open.  Air conditioning off.  Love/hate relationship with running.  Rather be hiking.  Favorite season is spring.  Favorite flowers are yellow roses and sunflowers.  Hates mosquitoes and malaria.  Morning person.  Does not use an alarm.  Home decorator.  Embraces change.  Slow to adopt new technology.  Favorite smells are coffee beans, baby lotion, and fresh cut grass.  Addicted to Diet Coke.  Apple user.  yes ma’am, no sir.  NPR, BBC, New York Times, Wallstreet Journal.  First concert was Amy Grant.  Favorite concert was Widespread Panic.  A little hippie.  Green.  Roots for the Georgia Bulldogs, Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Braves, Washington Capitals, and Ghana Black Stars.  Scared of snakes and hot tubs.  Can live without electricity or running water.  Cannot live without music.  Looks for the Southern Cross.  Plays piano.  Used to play the flute.  Owns three African drums and a guitar.  Plans on learning to play all one day.  Musical, concert, play, opera, art show, movie – anytime!  Loves old photographs, old furniture, and old people.  Finds peace in the mountains and under the sea.  Kindle book reader.  Photography book collector.  Makes baby quilts.  Forever searching for the perfect gift or card.  Collects paper currency, stamps, music, and children’s books … from around the world.  Born and raised in the south.  Georgia is always on my mind.  Resides in Washington DC.  Feels at home in Africa.  Speaks a little Twi and Kusaal (local languages in Ghana) and a little more Swahili.  Learning Portuguese.  Has been changed by Africa more than I will ever change in Africa.  Blessed.  Loved.  Grateful.

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