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Samora Machel was a military leader who led Mozambique to its independence in 1975. He was the first president of Mozambique until he died in a plane crash in 1986. There are a lot of statues of him in Mozambique.

And the kids liked my idea too.

Amelia - 3 June 2013 - 6:42 am

You know I have a great appreciation for such photos.


I recently watched this 13 minute TED Talk about the ”language of texting” … which is exactly what I think … texting or ”sms-ing” is a language. No matter what country you live in. When I was first started learning Portuguese, I was receiving text messages from friends using all kinds of short-hand which I could not decipher. I would have to write them back and ask that they spell out entire words because I was not comfortable enough with the language to know what they are saying. But it’s been eye-opening for me. Texting is more in line with talking. You’re responding as if you were actually saying the words or doing the action (LOL or:)) This has forced me to learn the Portuguese alphabet better since I have to put sounds together to make words which are not being spelled out.

Anyway, this guy has an interesting perspective. Oh, and I’ve recently become addicted to TED Talks. Anyone else?


The Forteleza de São Sebastião (Fortress of Saint Sebastian) was built by the Portuguese from 1553-1583. It withstood attacks by the Dutch in the early 1600’s and was a major trading post for slaves and other things. The fort is in remarkably good condition considering its age and history.

Protected within the walls of the fort is the Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Baluarte (Chapel of Our Lady of the Ramparts) which was built in 1522. My guide told me it was originally built as a mosque, but I can’t find any proof of this online or in my books. It does actually look like a mosque, however, from the outside.

Melissa - 4 May 2013 - 5:36 am

Lovely…it strangely reminds me of the Aran Islands, Ireland